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Our Curriculum 2013-2014 August 5, 2013

Here is the curriculum our family is using for 2013-2014

(See the 2012-2013 list here.)

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Miss M, Age 9 (4th grade, turning 10 in May 2014):

Math: Right Start Math Level E (Read here about why we like RightStart Math!).

Spelling: Logic of English Essentials — 2nd year with Advanced Lists  (Read more here on my reflections of one year using LoE Essentials).

Grammar:  Grammar in Logic of English Essentials, as well as grammar and mechanics practice with various scholastic e-book resources.

Bible Study: We’re going to start the year doing an Elizabeth George study together called, “Understanding Your Blessings in Christ” on the book of Ephesians. That won’t take us all year, but we’ll see how this study goes before deciding what to do next. 

Handwriting: A Reason for Handwriting Book E (at Miss M’s request — she didn’t like my homemade copywork pages we tried last year and did not want to do history-based copywork this year).

Writing:  We’ll use Write On!, as well as a variety of scholastic e-books.  I may add in other resources as well as the year goes on.

Literature: Various read-alouds and assigned or free choice individual reading.  Much of our literature will be correlated with history.

History: US History Year 2 (1865 to the present).  I’ve shared my basic plans and schedule here.

Science:  An Earth-Science focused year with Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space as our spine.  Read more about our science plans in this post.

Extras:  We atttend a co-op twice a month for art, gym and science.   Miss M also has guitar lessons, a recreational gymnastics class, and is possibly joining 4-H.



Mr. E, age 6 (1st Grade, turning 7 in March, 2014):

Phonics/Reading/Spelling: Logic of English Foundations — Review levels B and C, start D when it is available.  If we move through all these levels, I’ll start him on LoE Essentials.  Also, lots of reading practice.

Handwriting: A Reason for Handwriting Book A, as well possibly some Draw, Write, Now! books.

Math: RightStart Math Level C

Literature: Assorted Chapter Book and picture book read-alouds

Science:  Sassafras Science Adventures Book 2 (Anatomy) + tagging along for Miss M’s science as desired + library books/interest led studies

History: Tagging along for US History as desired, primarily with picture books from the library.  He is especially interested in studying WWI and WWII this year.

Bible: Our current plan is to start reading through the Day-by-Day Kids Bible.  We may add in other materials as well, such as Leading Little Ones to God.



Mr K, age 4 (Preschool/K4, turning 5 in February 2014)

Lots of Picture books (I’m hoping to add some picture book activities this year from Using Caldecotts Across the Curriculum and other resources)

Math: Right Start A at a gentle pace, planning to continue in K during 2014-2015, unless he is ready for level B in Kindergarten like Mr. E was.

Phonics:  Logic of English Foundations level A.  Possibly starting Level B in the spring, after Mr K turns five, if he is ready.

Adding in preschool packs and other fun “school” stuff to do at the table as desired.  Mr. K generally likes having things to do at the table while Mr. E is doing his school work.  He will also tag along on older siblings’ subjects like science, history and Bible as desired.



Mr. J  (Age 1, Turning 2 on October 30th, 2013!)

Looking cute, listening to stories, having fun! 🙂  Maybe adding in some Tot School as the year progresses.



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