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Weekend Project: Overhaul the Play/School Room January 30, 2012

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With Miss M’s room finished, the next job on our to-do list was to re-do the play/school room.   With Mr. E moving toward spending more time on school work and having more school supplies, and thinking toward Mr. K even doing some preschool type work next year, our set up needed some tweaks.  Add that to the fact that the boys now have a new “road” rug for their cars and have been taking more and more toys to their room anyway, it seemed like a good time to move more of the boys toys (especially ones that cause loud, noisy play) to their room.

The school room is mostly finished.  While there are a few toys in there (and we’ll need to add in some baby toys as J is getting older and more interested in toys!), we wanted the focus of that room to be quieter activities: schoolwork, crafts, games, reading and building play like legos and blocks.

We have a few more bins that may go in the closet (that area is not quite finished yet).  We also have plans to repurpose an old VHS rack into a book case that would allow for books to sit with their covers facing out. We need to add to the walls the world map that Miss M received for Christmas, and maybe another bulletin board.  And now I have to re-organize the toys we just put in the boys room! They aren’t in too bad of a state, but it definitely needs work in there.

Here’s how things started…

Sorting out the contents of the game cabinet…

Two trips to Ikea and many hours of work later…

After it was done, I sort of felt like a person on one of those cable shows where they redo an entire house in a week.  I can’t wait to use our new school room today!


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  1. […] to something else this coming week.  We also made our own tall bookshelf more accessible in our school room re-organization project over the weekend.   For many months toys had been piling up in front of the bookcase and we were rarely reading […]

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