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Book Discoveries This Week: Funny Picture Books February 23, 2012

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I just love finding picture books that make the boys giggle.  Today I’ll share a few particularly funny ones we’ve discovered at the library recently:

Not a Box by Antoinette Portis: This simple board book has inspired a lot of imaginative play over the past couple weeks.  It’s a pretty simple concept – a box being used in creative ways. But the execution of that idea is very well done in “Not a Box”.  You know the book is good when the boys beg me not to take it back to the library even though we had already read it many times!  We may end up buying this one for ourselves.

Harry Hungry by Steven Salerno: A baby with an over-sized appetite eats everything in sight and grows to giant proportions.  We had a fun time imagining our baby J growing as large as Harry Hungry.  🙂

Zombie in Love by Kelly DiPucchio and Scott Campbell: This was one of our read-alouds last week for Valentine’s (selected by Mr. E), but the boys requested it several times last week.  A zombie desperately wants a date to a dance, but he just can’t please the ladies with his diamond ring (still attached to a finger!), dead flowers, and “interesting” attire.  As long as your kids know that zombies are, as Mr. E puts it, “just pretend dead people monsters”, then they might enjoy this one!

Gimme Cracked Corn and I will Share by Kevin O’Malley:  Call me corny, but I really like puns.  In fact, so does my entire family, which is why I grabbed this book at the library. I laughed a lot at the puns, but I had to explain a lot of them to the boys the first time through in this story of two chickens searching for a hidden treasure trove of corn.  My having to explain the puns didn’t seem to diminish the boys’ enjoyment of the book however, since they requested it several times.  An egg-citing read!  😉

Do you have any favorite funny picture books?

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3 Responses to “Book Discoveries This Week: Funny Picture Books”

  1. These books sound wonderful. Thanks for sharing your experience with these books.

  2. Gimme Cracked Corn and I WIll Share. Ha! I love it! 🙂

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. Caryl Says:

    We loved Not a Box as well as Not a Stick! Other funny book recs? My kids recently enjoyed The Princess and the Pig and I Want My Hat Back. Other favorites: Boo Hoo Bird (Jeremy Tankard), Sneaky Sheep (Chris Monroe), Big Little Brother (Kevin Kling), and anything by Mo Willems.

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