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Get Ready for Pi Day! March 11, 2012

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I know there are lots, and lots of random holidays out there.  But Pi Day might be one of my most favorite!

Pi day is March 14th.  (Get it? 3-14?).  The past few years we have celebrated Pi day just by eating pie.  I serve something pie-like for dinner (like taco pie, shepherd’s pie, or a spinach pie…pizza would work too!), and, of course, a sweet pie for dessert.

This year we’re going to incorporate it into our homeschool day.

While we have done some nifty geometry lessons with RightStart math level C, we haven’t done anything with circles yet.  So one of the first things we’ll do is talk about measurement terms for circles (radius, diameter and circumference). Then we’ll try a “finding pi” activity. I thought this lesson plan did a nice job of explaining how it might be done.  Even though the grade level listed is significantly higher than that of my kids, I think at least Miss M will be able to “get it.” had another interesting “finding pi” activity, but I think we might save that one for another year.

I have requested a few Pi-themed books from the library.  I don’t know if I made my requests in time, but I am especially hoping that “Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi” arrives on the reserve shelf by Wednesday.

Since my kids love crafts, we might need to make some circular or pi-themed crafts.  I like the suggestions at Helping Little Hands, which includes some paper plate crafts and a pi-themed patterning worksheet!

I think we’ll also talk just a bit about the history of Pi.  Check out this page from the organization that founded pi day for a quick read on the history of Pi.

Until I saw this pin on Pinterest, I had never thought about incorporating Pirates (or would it be pi-rates?) into Pi Day, but I know that’s something Mr. E and Mr. K would love! Maybe we’ll read some pirate-themed books or do some pirate themed crafts or printables. (Photo Source: via Kirsten on Pinterest)

A fun Pi Day would definitely not be complete without some pie, of course (and perhaps some other circular foods?).  We’ll have Taco pie for dinner with Blueberry-Cherry Pie for dessert.  Maybe pancakes for breakfast and pizza for lunch? And don’t forget pi-neapple for snack.  🙂

If your are looking for even more amazing Pi Day ideas, check out my Pi Day board on Pinterest!

Are you going to celebrate Pi Day this year? Do you have any other fun Pi Day ideas?


7 Responses to “Get Ready for Pi Day!”

  1. Julie Says:

    This is the first time I’ve heard of pi day. It makes perfect sense. Thanks for the cool idea.

  2. Dorcus Says:

    I love this post and your ideas. We’re studying circles this week in our geometry unit study and we already have Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi waiting to read!

  3. Amy @ Hope Is the Word Says:

    Great ideas! Thanks for sharing this. I thought about going all out, but I had just about given up for lack of time to plan. You did the planning for me! ;-). I’ve reviewed a few curve pirate books. I’ll try to link you up later.

  4. Amy @ Hope Is the Word Says:

    Curve pirate books? I don’t know where that came from! (Cute, maybe?)

  5. MissMOE Says:

    Hope Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi made it to the shelf in time. I love that book! Happy Pi Day—I’m following your board–found lots of new ideas on it. Thanks for sharing. My linky is up, if you would like to link your board as well as this post.

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