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R is for Reading about Robots June 22, 2012

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Robots are a perennial favorite topic for both Mr. K and Mr. E.  They often brainstorm and day dream about ways they could make a robot of their own, whether it be from Legos or random household objects.  So it’s no surprise they both greatly enjoyed Boy + Bot and Robot Zombie Frankenstein!

We found Boy + Bot by Ame Dykman via another Read-Aloud-Thursday post (though I can’t remember which one…sorry!).   It’s a really cute story about a boy, his robot friend, and the well-meaning ways they try and take care of one another.  It’s a simple book, but one that we have read numerous times since we brought it home from the library.

It looks like this is Dykman’s first book, and I hope she writes more books about this loveable pair or other equally cute stories for kids.

Robot Zombie Frankenstein! by Annette Simon was a random sitting-abandoned-on-the-floor library find.  Seeing that no child claimed it, I threw it in our library bag. 😉  This is a clever picture book that builds from page to page.  It’s also about friendship — but this time, it’s a friendship between two robots.  These geometric robots “dress up” with extra geometric shapes, and the result is quite entertaining. It’s a bit hard to explain — you really have to see the illustrations to “get” what is going on.  The creative permutations of geometric shapes in the illustrations are really what “make” this book.

Do you have any favorite robot books?

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