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V is for Vintage (Books from our shelves) July 26, 2012

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I thought so long on my “V” post for “Blogging through the Alphabet” that I once again missed the appropriate link up.  But luckily since my “V” has to do with books, it still makes a great “Read Aloud Thursday” post.  😉

I have a soft spot for vintage picture books.  The older styles of illustrations from the ’50s through the ’70s really appeal to me, and while many classic books from that time and earlier are still in print and published in neat, shiny paperbacks or hardcovers…there is something even more charming to me about an old-smelling, well-loved copy.

We don’t have a large number of true “vintage” books in our collection, but finally thinking of “vintage” as a good “v” word for the Alphabet blogging link-up, I was inspired to pull two off of our shelves to read them to the boys:

How High Is Up by Bernice Kohn, Illustrated by Jan Pyk is a book a received as a gift when I was a toddler.   It makes me feel slightly old to classify a book from my own childhood as “vintage” — it really is.  It was published in 1971 (I’m not quite that old…but it’s the right decade!), and the illustrations are classic ’60s/’70s style.

I only own three books from my childhood, and this is the only one that I really remember.  It seemed so familiar! When I found this book among my possessions after I had children, it brought to mind tastes and smell and warm fuzzy feelings of childhood.

I would describe this story as peaceful and thoughtful — a great bedtime story.  Questions like “how big is big?” and “how high is up” are answered not with precision but with vivid comparisons.  So how big is big? Big is as big as a banana split (remember how huge those seemed as a child?), A hippopotamus, a skyscraper.

All Around You: A First Look at the World written and illustrated by Jeanne Bendick is a book I got when Miss M was very small in a free box of books.  I don’t recall that I kept very many books from that box, but I think I kept it because of the beautiful pencil/colored pencil  illustrations:

While some “sciency” books from 1951 might be hopelessly out of date, this one luckily sticks to timeless topics like weather, seasons, plants and animals.  It’s a nice preschool or Kindergarten level introduction to these topics.  I could definitely see myself pulling this book out again when the boys are asking about topics of this nature.  I didn’t read the whole book to them this (just the first couple sections), so we have more “saved for later.”

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  1. I love vintage books, too! And how neat that you have one from when you were a toddler. That’s just cool. 🙂

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