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Collage…Monday? (A very late week-in-review) September 17, 2012

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Better late than never,  I guess.  Despite the fact that it is Monday morning right now and we are about to embark on a brand-new school week, I wanted to still post a weekly wrap-up…so if nothing else I can remember what we did this week.

Between a long trip around town Friday afternoon to buy a new fridge seal, a chore that took most of the day Saturday, family time and grocery shopping on Sunday after church and then some church ministry responsibilities I needed to take care of on Sunday afternoon and evening, I just couldn’t find a time to write this up.  I am still hopeful that this may be the week that I get back into my regular blogging routine since I still have so many other things I want to write about.  Or maybe not since I have another quarterly editing deadline looming. I guess becoming a super-awesome daily blogger will have to wait! 😉

Here are a few highlights from our week:

1.  Last weekend I re-arranged some of the kids’ books.  Now at least when Baby J does this while we are doing school, it is mostly board books he is pulling off the shelf!

2. Miss M wanted to be a “mad scientist”, and put on a “show” for us involving science demonstrations she had seen at a birthday party.  Not to be outdone, Mr. E also made a great concoction that ended up looking at bit like a slimy green volcano.

3. Volcanoes are so last week…as of the middle of this past week, space is the boys’ new science obsession.  Ever quick to the printer, I found them some coloring sheets and a printable book.  Then daddy even let everyone stay up late and he took them outside star-gazing on Friday night.  (Well, as good as one can do in the middle of the city!).  I often miss taking pictures of the Kindergarten work that Mr. E is doing, but we also practiced writing lower case letters, and he practiced ten minutes of reading each day.

4. Miss M and I played Phonogram Tic-Tac-Toe  this week.  We both thought that was a fun Logic of English game.  Miss M worked on Lesson 9 of LOE this past week, but still needs to take a test on those words.  I entered some (so far) of the Logic of English Essentials spelling lists into Spelling City, so Miss M can use their iPad app to take a spelling test each week.  It’s much lower stress for both of us to do spelling assessment that way,

5. It was a big week for RightStart math games as well.  In this picture we are playing a multiplication game called “Who’s on Top?”  Miss M and I both liked this one. Some RightStart games do turn out to be boring or confusing.  We tried one called “Multiple Authors” earlier in the week, and we were pretty confused!  Miss M completed 117-120 in Right Start C.  Mr. E is still sailing along through Right Start B’s early lessons.  We did lessons 13-16, including playing Go to the Dump and Memory to find pairs that equal 10.  I am amazed that he seems to already have 10 partitions fairly well memorized!

6. Recycled art this week — a “can Rapunzel” and a “can drum” made by Miss M.  The boys made can robots (all of this Miss M’s suggestion and leading…I love that she can lead the boys in crafts!), but I think they broke/lost them from rough play soon after they were made!

7. Miss M read many books from our history book basket this week (some I assigned, some she read on her own time, even on Saturday!).  I also “assigned” her to pick an activity to try from one of the activity books I picked out for this unit.  She waited until I could buy strawberries, then made her own “Berry Ink” and wrote with a homemade quill pen (made from a feather we found this summer).  Very cool!

8.  Miss M and I channeled our inner pioneer women and scrubbed the floor by hand on Saturday.  I really spent almost all afternoon at it on Saturday! We rent an old house with an old, old floor that never looked clean even after I mopped it.  I have known for a while that I really needed to put some elbow grease into it and scrub out the ground in dirt.  The floor is now several shades lighter in color even than what it looked like when we moved into this house three years ago!

9.  In many ways, most exciting of all was our Sunday morning.  Miss M and Mr. E both decided a week or two ago that they wanted to get baptized! Both have placed their faith in Christ and having seen others at our church get baptized, they wanted to take this step as well.  We studied verses on baptism this week and they took this step of faith and obedience on Sunday.  We are so proud of them and happy for the chance they have to grow up learning to obey God from a young age.

I hope your weekend was wonderful and that you are ready for a new week!


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