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Happy October! Happy Fall! October 1, 2012

Filed under: Weekly Highlights — kirstenjoyhill @ 11:33 pm

I just finished up another one of my quarterly freelance editing deadlines tonight.  Consequently, the blog has been a little bit neglected again these past couple weeks.

Besides my cramming in as much editing time as possible during the last two weeks, we’ve been busy in the past week or so…

Enjoying beautiful fall weather:

Reading books I really hope I find some time to write about at some point:

Picking apples:

Playing games:

Dressing up:

Looking cute (Baby J turned 11 months old this past weekend!):

Coloring and Creating:



Learning (These are sundials!):

With any luck I’ll find some time to write a “real” week in review at the end of this week…and maybe a few other posts too.  🙂


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  1. […] never got a weekly wrap-up written last week, though I did get a post up on Monday with a few photos of the previous week.  This felt like a very laid back week for […]

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