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Collage Saturday: The One With a Hard Day December 8, 2012

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It’s only natural to put our best foot forward when writing a week-in-review.  By the end of the week, hard moments are usually water-under-the-bridge compared to all the fun and learning.  But I’ll be honest — yesterday was one of those really hard days.

Math tends to be a crucible for character development at our house, at least where Miss M (3rd grade) and I are concerned.  We’ve had a pretty easy-going past month since we started Level D of RightStart, but we hit some new material this week.  Miss M easily became frustrated, and had a hard time listening to my explanations of the concepts.  I guess by both she and I had had enough by Friday.  She got highly frustrated and I got highly frustrated in return.  Not good.   By the end of the day all was forgiven and schoolwork finally got done.  But this is one of those weeks I am really happy for the break the weekend brings!

Here are a few learning highlights from this week:

Spelling/Phonics:  Miss M completed lesson 18 in Logic of English Essentials.   To practice the “WOR” phonogram words, she finished writing a story she began a couple weeks ago (you can read here story here).   Mr. E (Kindergarten) started lesson 7 in LOE Essentials, but we weren’t super motivated in the spelling department this week, so we’ll be continuing on with that lesson next week.  🙂  Mr. E also read from I See Sam books every day this week.

Math:  Mr. E enjoyed using the geoboards in RightStart B, as well as getting out the math balance again and learning about vertices and diagonals with hexagons and pentagons.  Mr. E also continued to practice the “9’s trick” and started learning about the “Two fives” trick. All told, we worked on lessons 62-66 — but he still needs more practice on these two adding strategies before we move much further in the lessons.

In RightStart D, Miss M worked on lessons 68-70 covering large numbers in the hundreds of thousands, and 73-74 covering multiplying a larger number by a single digit.  We’ve been skipping around a bit due to many of the lessons being review from Level C.  On one hand, I want to coast for a bit and just do some of the review lessons from now until Christmas given the challenges we had this week and the fact we have ample time to finish D before the end of the year.  On the other hand, I really do believe the issues we are having is less about math and more about the character area of being teachable (like when Miss M says to me, “I just hate it when anyone has to teach me how to do something”…LOL!).

History: We’re really diving in to the period in US History after the Revolutionary war.  Our non-fiction read-alouds at the moment are “A New Nation” by the Maestros and “The Year of the Horseless Carriage 1801” by Genevieve Foster.  Miss M read, “Away Goes Sally”  by Elizabeth Coatsworth for an independent fiction reading assignment this reading.

Science: Miss M continues to work through Sassafras Science Adventures Zoology.  With some prodding I convinced her to write on the notebook pages on her own (with the promise that I wouldn’t correct her spelling unless she asked me to!).  The kids also enjoyed watching a couple episodes of “Sci Girls” this week.   We’ll be picking up more science study as family after the Christmas break.


And now for the FUN we had this week:



Top Row: Baking and decorating sugar cookies with Grandma Karen

Middle Row:  Miss M’s friend Miss J spent the afternoon with us on Wednesday.  The kids made pretzel/kiss/m&m treats and had a tea party.

Bottom row:  Mr. E’s Lego Angry Birds Level,  A trip to Ikea (yea for “kids eat free Tuesdays”!), and a few of the 16 Christmas books we hauled home from the library.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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2 Responses to “Collage Saturday: The One With a Hard Day”

  1. Ah, character development! 🙂 Don’t you love it? This week it has been over piano practice for me and my eldest. We’re still coasting through the review lessons in D for now (mostly, though there have been some new things to pick up), so it has been relatively pain free.

    Sounds like you had a fruitful (if at times painful, which I TOTALLY get!) week! Have a relaxing weekend!

  2. Steph Says:

    I was pleasantly surprised at how easy our week was as it relates to being frustrated. We have had some painful ones before but this week, we kinda coasted along loving each other the whole way. I tend to be the easily frustrated one when the girls aren’t doing their best or are not listening. Last school year was our first and it was rough. Thank God for second chances and better days!!!!! Great pics!

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