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Collage Sunday: Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas… December 23, 2012

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In the midst of preparing and celebrating, I wanted to not forget what we were up to this past week.   We did a light school schedule Monday through Wednesday (mostly so the kids wouldn’t get too bored or stir crazy!).   Miss M did math and spelling review and read an assigned book.  Mr E worked on reading Cat in the Hat and played math games:


We did lots of baking and treat making.  The gingerbread people and house were from a kit that Grandma picked up for us after Christmas last year.  Saving it didn’t work out as well as I hoped — the frosting and icing was very dried out!


And as always, we had lots of fun.  And our new camera arrived (nothing fancy, just a point and shoot to replace an old one that was flaking out), causing me to follow kids around and get cute pictures.  Tony and I  also couldn’t resist opening up our Christmas gift to ourselves — a new espresso machine.  And the big boxes it came in were like an early Christmas gift to the kids.  😉


Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Between celebrating, traveling, attending a church conference and my quarterly editing deadline, I’m not anticipating posting for at least two weeks and maybe closer to three weeks.  See you after Christmas break!

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