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Collage Saturday: Field Trips, Fred and Friday Treats January 19, 2013

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After a couple weeks that were a bit more on the “boring” side for us, we had a bit more fun and excitement this week…and plenty of learning.    🙂

One of our big highlights this week was a field trip day to The Works with my mom.  The kids love bringing Grandma along on field trips (and this time she even treated us to a late lunch at Baker’s square after our time at The Works…thanks, Mom!).

The Works 2013-01-18

We really enjoy the small size of The Works (the big Science Museum of MN is a bit more overwhelming with the younger kids), the room with hands-on projects that rotate every month or so, and just the general hands-on feel there.

Here are a few other highlights of our week:


1. We definitely had more than our usual number of outings this week.  Besides our trip to The Works, We headed to the Minneapolis Institute of Art for their monthly Family Day on Sunday afternoon.  The theme was “food art” and the kids created candy jewelry, clay pizzas, and went on a “gallery hunt” to find certain works of art containing pictures of food.

2. Then on Wednesday afternoon the kids were invited to a birthday party at an indoor play area.  The bigger kids were running around in the play structure so I couldn’t really snap any pictures of them, but Baby J and I enjoyed the slower paced toddler area.  We don’t have very many mirrors in our house at his level, so he really liked this baby-height mirror.

3.  Miss M enjoyed the “Silent E” game in Logic of English Essentials lesson 22.   We skipped over this game in Lesson 21, so we cut out the cards from both of those lessons, and took turns deciding the reason for the silent E in a variety of words.   Many people only learn one reason for a silent E (making a vowel say it’s name or long sound).  Did you know there are actually seven possible reasons for silent E at the end of a word? This game was good for me too, as I did not have the seven Silent E rules memorized yet!  This was a great LOE week for Miss M — she got a perfect score on her assessment at the end of the week!

4. For math, Mr. E spend most of the week hanging out in lessons 73 and 74 of RightStart level B.  He enjoyed building 3D structures with the cubes, but didn’t want to do very many in one sitting.  Lesson 73 on finding 2 digit numbers plus a multiple of 10 wasn’t difficult by any means, but I wanted to not rush past this point and have him do all the practice problems over the course of the week.  We started Lesson 75 on Friday, and I think we’ll spend a lot of next week on the practice problems from that lesson.  Mentally adding two digit numbers with a result over 100 is a little bit trickier concept!

5. and 6. We found time for Logic of English Foundations on three days this week.  With Mr. E, I spent one more day reviewing in lessons 46-48, then we also did lesson 49 and most of lesson 50 — we still have a few games and activities from lesson 50 to save for next week.   Mr. E’s favorite activity was definitely “shooting” phonograms with his Nerf clone trooper gun!  I worked on lessons 6-8 with Mr K.  In picture #6 he is practicing his handwriting strokes (the building blocks of letters).  In lesson 8 he “officially” learned his first phonogram and how to write it — “a”.

7.  After some stress and dissatisfaction with RightStart D for Miss M, I decided we would take at least the next 6-8 weeks off of RightStart, and do Math Mammoth 3-B (plus some multiplication fact practice) instead.  So far so good — she worked on a couple topics I don’t remember seeing in RightStart yet — rounding, estimating, and order of operations (the latter was actually from the Math Mammoth topic packet Multiplication 1).

8. To add a little spice to our math time, I purchased the first book in the Life of Fred elementary math series entitled, “Apples“.   I got this primarily for Mr. E’s benefit, but Miss M thinks it is fun and is listening in too.   We read three chapters this week — we easily could have done more, but I want this to be the frosting on top of our math time — a treat for finishing other work….and these books are a bit expensive for what you get, so I don’t want to have to buy another one TOO soon.  😉

9.  We capped off our week with a trip to our favorite bakery to buy donuts and pastries in celebration of our half-way mark in the school year (see this post if you want to read a bit more about how we’re doing with our curricula right now at the half way point), and to celebrate that Mr. E has now read two Dr. Seuss books with just a bit of help — he finished One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish on Friday!

Have a wonderful weekend! I’m linking up with Collage Friday and the Weekly Wrap-Up!

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  1. Lorraine Says:

    Aww, I wish we had something similar to The Works I bet my kids will love it. 🙂

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