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Freestyle Charades January 22, 2013

Filed under: Creativity — kirstenjoyhill @ 10:27 pm

Tonight Miss M asked me if we could play charades.  I don’t necessarily like the acting part of charades, nor was I feeling very committal about launching into a complicated game when Baby J was crabby and I needed to get him to bed ASAP.   I just shrugged and said, “Maybe.”

The kids took this as close enough to “Yes” to start acting out their own creative charades ideas while I watched (with Tony joining us a bit later).  It started out simply enough.  Miss M was a “flower girl” and then acted out “grocery shopping.”  Mr. E was driving a tank and shooting.  Then Mr. K was driving a tank…and (as we later learned when our guess of “driving a tank” was wrong) and spinning around to kick holes in the tank with his feet.

Next Mr. E was The Avengers (all of them, acted out in sequence).  Miss M was a character from a book (and we had to guess which scene she was acting out to be “right”).  Then Mr. K was “Lightning McQueen meets the Avengers”.  And Mr. E was “building with legos…and cutting a hole in them”.    And on, and on.

Meanwhile Tony and I are laughing non-stop as the kids wildly re-enact something that only made sense to the kid doing the acting.  We played our part by giving ridiculous guesses…and trying to explain that usually if you want to “win” charades, you act something out in a way that the person guessing finds easy to understand.   I think they thought they were going to win by having us guess as few of their actions as possible!

Ah, gotta love creative kids!


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