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Collage Friday: A Birthday, The 100th Day and More February 8, 2013

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We certainly had a whirlwind of a week…lots of fun stuff…and some schoolwork too.  🙂

A big highlight was our 100th Day of School and Mr. K’s birthday (link to a post earlier this week with a birthday interview), both on Wednesday:





I took some ideas from my post earlier this week to fill our “100th day of school” morning.  The kids favorite activity was making a “100 Snack” (10 each of 10 snack items).  I think their second favorite was guessing how many of various activities they could do in 100 seconds, then trying that out (how many times to jump up and down, count to 10, say the alphabet, etc).


Here are a few highlights of our school work this week:




1.  “Just Dance Kids” on the Wii is good “PE” time, right?  It’s hard to help kids find ways to burn off energy in the winter when it’s too cold to go outside or when we really only have time for a quick physical activity break (and of course just getting winter gear on and off takes about half an hour in and of itself!).   So, while Wii is normally not allowed during the day, I made an exception and let the kids do about 20 minutes of singing and dancing one day this week.  Another day we incorporated exercise and math by figuring out how many times they would have to go around the perimeter of the living room rug to run a mile — It turns out you would have to go around 207 times! I don’t think anyone made it around that many times.  😉

2-3.  We’re still enjoying Sentence Family for grammar — we’ve now met 8 “family members”, including four parts of speech.  This is enough for some basic sentence labeling.  Today I helped Miss M (3rd grade) label nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs by their special “sentence family color”.

4.  It was a review week for Miss M in Logic of English Essentials.   Here she marked the words she thought she needed more practice with from the previous 4 lessons.  We tried to play some spelling review games, but due to various distractions we didn’t get very far in our game playing.  The games are a lot of fun with more than one player…but Mr E (Kindergarten) was not in a very good mood about playing games versus his big sister (even with his own spelling words) this week.   Mr. E did two more lessons in LOE Foundations (plus those attempts at additional spelling and phonogram games with his big sister), and in the busyness of this week I just did a bit of phonogram review with Mr K and didn’t do any new lessons for him in Foundations.

5.  Mr. E continues to speed along in RightStart B.  He LOVES his math time.  We covered material in lessons 84-89 (again, not doing every exercise), and started in today on lesson 90. Lesson 90 is supposed to be 4 digit adding on the abacus, but Mr. E was far more interested in learning the pencil-and-paper algorithm, so we did a few problems together that way (as you can see, he still has trouble with directionality when he is writing).   Miss M finished up the geometry chapter in Math Mammoth 3-B, and we did an overview of the Measurement chapter to decide which areas will need our attention.  She has covered some measurement in RightStart, but MM 3-B brings up some new measurement topics we haven’t done much of yet, like weight.   She is also doing daily multiplication fact practice.

6.  One of Mr. E’s big reads this week was Green Eggs and Ham. He loved it and did a great job reading this book.  He asked an obvious question I had never thought much about before.  Why in the world does Sam insist that this guy need to eat the green eggs and ham in the first place.  I mean, we all have our favorite foods but we don’t usually chase people around and tell them that they have to eat it too! 😉

Just for fun, here are a few more non-school-related highlights from our week:



Top Row:  Baby J looking cute, making messes.  Don’t you just love the spot he picked to “read” his book?

Middle Row: Even though we didn’t have any one over for a Superbowl party, we still made some fun “party food” and watched the game (and the commercials, of course!) as a family.   On Saturday night we met some of Tony’s coworkers and their families at the Mall of America (it’s just down the road from our house) for dinner and rides.  Did you know there’s a Peeps store at the mall? I just had to go in and buy some candy.  🙂

Bottom Row:  Need to keep two middle boys amused for a while? Just print out a stack of Star Wars coloring sheets!  Our Rock Candy turned out pretty well (post coming next week about that).  The final picture is another cute shot of Baby J from our trip to the Children’s Museum on Mr. K’s birthday.  Tony left work early to meet us at the museum!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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One Response to “Collage Friday: A Birthday, The 100th Day and More”

  1. Tristan Says:

    Hundredth day activities can be so fuN!

    Green Eggs and Ham is one of our favorites by Dr. Seuss. I have one child who wanted it read over and over and over and over….well, you get the idea. He laughs like crazy every time.

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