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Collage Friday (on Sunday): A Quick Wrap of a Busy Week March 24, 2013

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I was almost going to skip on a wrap up this week…it’s getting late and I should be working (I have my quarterly editing deadline coming up in a bit over a week for the publication I work on).  And I have gifts to wrap for a certain boy who’s turning six tomorrow…but I had a lot of great pictures from this week and I didn’t want to forget all about our week by the time another week goes by.  🙂


Here’s some of what was keeping us busy this week:



1. and 2.:  Making a paper mache “Princess Leia Bird” (from Angry Birds Star Wars” for Mr. E’s birthday party.  It could have been a Pinata, but…who wants to smash something like that — that, and it’s not really “pinata weather” here yet!

3. Yes, it snowed again here last Monday! Only about three inches this time!

4. This was the First Day of Spring for 2013.  On the first day of spring in 2012, the kids were climbing the tree in a neighbors yard wearing shorts and t-shirts.  It was an exceptionally early spring last year but….really?  This is an awfully cold start to spring, even for MN!

5. and 6.:  our first Snap Circuits set — an early birthday present for Mr. E from Grandma Karen.  The set is a huge hit!

7. and 8.:  Trip to the Children’s Museum on Tuesday with Grandma.

9.  Mr E’s birthday party with friends on Saturday afternoon.

Despite the busy week, we did get some of our regular school work done too:


1. and 2:  Science for the week consisted mostly of random experiments Miss M (age 8.5, 3rd grade) picked out from some physics experiment books we found at the library, watching Magic School Bus and playing with Mr. E’s new snap circuit set.  All told, I think it was a lot of science learning even though it really wasn’t very “planned” on my part.  🙂

3.  Miss M has been busily preparing for her “Expert Day” presentation at co-op…it’s coming up this Thursday.  Here she is searching google images for pictures of the dolls she is talking about in her presentation.

4.  and 5.:  Mr. K (age 4, Pre-K) is keeping busy with Kumon cutting books, Preschool busy bags, and his Little Lambs preschool art book.

6.  Mr. E writing spelling words on the magnadoodle board.  He  completed three lessons in Logic of English Foundations.  Miss M had a review week in Logic of English Essentials.  She didn’t feel as confident as we had hoped she might on her review words, so we may take another review week before moving on to lesson 31.

7.  In math this week, Mr. E completed a couple more lessons of RightStart C — still mostly review.  Miss M worked on fractions in Right Start D.  I just love how RightStart presents fractions.  It makes me fall in love with RightStart all over again, even if it is not a perfect fit for Miss M’s learning style.

8. and 9.:  I feel like we are having a bit of a math game renaissance here.   I am finally after multiple years with RS as my math curriculum being convinced that the games really are excellent practice and worth making time for.   Mr. E and I played “Go to the Dump” and Advanced Addition War.  Miss M and I played the fraction game “One” as well as multiple games of Fraction War.

The weekend is over and we are looking forward to another busy week with Mr. E’s birthday, Miss M’s expert day at co-op, Easter weekend and my editing deadline!  I still hope to sneak in a post or two on the blog…but if I don’t, you’ll know why!!!

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2 Responses to “Collage Friday (on Sunday): A Quick Wrap of a Busy Week”

  1. I love the paper mache bird! We are huge Angry Birds fans here! I need to look into the math games you are playing. A favorite board game we like to play is Sum Swamp. It’s great for simple addition and subtraction practice. My preschooler loves the Kumon Cutting books, too! and WOW at all the snow! I know you are ready for spring to arrive, we certainly are here in GA, too. Thankfully, we don’t have to deal with all the snow, though. Just bone chilling cold and wind. I enjoyed reading about your week!

  2. Amanda Jones Says:

    I think the greatest learning kids seem to do is all that ‘unplanned’ and hands-on stuff. My kids always remember those lessons best! Thanks for sharing all the fun!!

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