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Collage Saturday: Mostly Done and Nature Observations May 11, 2013

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Happy Saturday!  We had a busy day yesterday with little time for blogging, so I am reviewing our week today!

Yesterday afternoon the older kids had Ornithology/Bird watching classes at a local wildflower garden/bird sanctuary.  While the big kids were in class, the little boys and I went to visit a nearby bog and pond (and we observed some birds ourselves):

Nature 2013-05-10

Here are a few of our learning highlights for this week:


1. I am trying so hard to not rush Mr. E through RightStart C too fast…but somehow even though I planned to only do one new lesson this week and then review or play games, we did three new lessons AND reviewed/played games. 🙂  We enjoyed Short Chain Solitaire and Subtraction Corners this week, and tried a game of Long Chain Solitaire (but that was waaay too long for a six year old’s attention span!).

I am planning on no more new lessons for a while, and just doing review/games for the summer…but this math-loving boy may insist on learning some new stuff over the summer.  I just don’t want him to finish C before the end the next school year, since I already promised a friend she could borrow my D book next year!

2.  Speaking of level D, Miss M finished the very last lesson in RightStart D! Hooray!  She liked this week’s drawing/geometry lessons because they required less precision.  😉  It’s on to games/review over the summer, then RightStart E in September.

3.  and 4.  I printed out the new Star Wars free printable packs from 3 Dinosaurs and Royal Baloo.   There were tons of preschool-level pages that kept Mr. K busy for days, plus Mr. E was thrilled to find fun printables at HIS level as well (he especially liked the clocks, word problems, add/subtract sort and word search).

5. Miss M is really into Robins, and did a lapbook and science unit about them recently. Just when I thought the robins must be nesting somewhere else, we had the opportunity to observe a robin building a nest on the overhang of our house this week!  We watched while a male robin very industriously brought a ton of nesting material up over the course of only a day.    But now we haven’t seen him very much in or near the nest, nor have we seen a female in the nest yet.  We haven’t really done much research about robins’ nesting habits yet, but we are hoping that we will see a pair at the nest soon sitting on their eggs!

6.  Congrats to both Miss M and Mr. E on completing their Geography Challenge at co-op.  Mr. E had to recite his complete address and phone number, as well as identifying the highlighted states on the map in the picture.   Miss M had to know the locations of all 50 states again this year.  Each student gets $5 for completing the challenge for their grade level, so they have a lot of motivation to practice.  🙂

7.  Miss M spent some time cooking this week.  I finally had the confidence to let her loose in the kitchen (after helping her select a recipe and making sure she found all the correct ingredients.  I actually left the kitchen and sat in the dining room (close by so she could ask any questions!).  She did an excellent job making these M & M Blondies all by herself.  She also make some pizza dough with very little help from me.

Not pictured:

History:  We finished up our Civil War unit with a few more book basket selections read.  We’ll be studying our state’s history in an informal way over the summer.

Spelling/Reading:  Miss M finished up lesson 36 in Logic of English Essentials with another perfect score on the end-of-week assessment! Yay, Miss M!  We’ll now take a break from spelling lessons over the summer.  I think we’ll do the last few regular lists from Essentials in August, and start over the with the advanced lists by September.   Mr. E checked off about “three and a half” more lessons of LoE Foundations.  He read all of “Clifford the Big Red Dog” and part of “A Fish out of Water” (two scheduled books in the curriculum), plus did two lessons with spelling lists.  I would still like him to finish up the remaining 4 lessons currently written in the Foundations curriculum sometime in the next two weeks.

So, other than those few spelling/reading lessons for Mr. E, we’re basically done for the year other than testing and fun stuff like field trips and a couple other fun “at home” activities I want to do to wrap up the year.  🙂  Next week Miss M has standardized testing from Monday through Wednesday for most of the morning each day (once travel time, breaks, etc are figured in).  That will involve me and all the kids as well, since we test with our co-op.  I’ll be administering a test to a different age group of students (other than Miss M’s group), and the boys will play with other kids too young to test.


Just for fun, here are my favorite “Cute Toddler” shots of Mr. J this week:



Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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