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I is for iPad (again) May 14, 2013

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When I decided to participate in “Blogging through the Alphabet” for the second time, I wanted to try and not repeat any “words” I used for each letter last time around.  But I haven’t written very much lately about how we use the iPad in our homeschool, so I am going to “cheat” on my own rules and use “I” for “iPad” again this year.

We’re still using the iPad during the school day at least as much, if not more, than we were are year ago…

Over breakfast or early in the school day, the boys can be found doing their Bible listening using the YouVersion app.

Miss M is often assigned at least one type of educational iPad app for independent practice each day.  She likes Spelling City to practice her spelling list; Mathmateer, Math Blaster HyperBlast, Sushi Math and Marble Math for “fun” math practice; and GeoFlight USA to practice locating the states of the US.

All three older kids practice their phonograms regularly with the Logic of English app.

When it comes time for Logic of English Foundations (spelling/phonics) for Mr. E or BFSU science lessons, I often teach directly from the iPad since I have the teacher’s manuals in Kindle (in the case of BFSU) or iBooks (in the case of LoE).

This year I’ve found playing calming music in the background really helps Miss M keep her stress level down during difficult math lessons, and it’s easy to find soothing instrumental music with the Pandora app.

Of course, we still have plenty of “fun” with the iPad too.  Sometimes it’s a nice break or diversion from the school day for the kids to have an educational iPad turn during which they can chose from any of our many educational apps.   General favorites for free-choice educational turns (besides more time on the apps listed above)  include the “Teach Me” apps (there are levels available for Toddler/Preschool through 3rd grade which each offer a mix of reading, math and other skills),  Splash Math (various levels available), and the Brain Pop Jr. Movie of the Week.  Mr K (age 4), also really likes ABCs of God, Eggy Words and Bugsy Pre-K.

At the end of the day, after school and chores are complete (or sometimes for the boys while they are waiting for Miss M during her guitar lesson), it’s time for anything-goes iPad turns.  This is when the boys enjoy favorites such as Angry Birds Star Wars, Bad Piggies and Minecraft.  Miss M often plays “My Horse” during a fun turn.  Everyone likes the wide array of Toca Boca apps that we own (we have almost all of them!).

The iPad is definitely an educational and fun tool that  I am thankful we have!

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One Response to “I is for iPad (again)”

  1. Julie Says:

    Great post! Our iPads are in continuous use. My husband watches engineering disaster videos while he exercises and my kids have been listening to the Wizard of Oz series for months while sewing and crafting.

    I know you have my card game Speed! Do you also have the iPad app? Lot’s of kids and adults really like it. 🙂 –

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