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N is for Newspaper July 11, 2013

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I really wanted to make it all the way through the “Blogging through the Alphabet” challenge, so I am going to try and catch up even though I am a few weeks behind.  🙂  Maybe I can do N, O, P and Q over the next few days to be in time for “R” next week!

N is for Newspaper — A “Neighborhood Newspaper” that Miss M decided to create a few weeks ago. This is Issue #2 (with full names removed for privacy):

Neighborhood News 1Neighborhood News 2

Miss M and Mr. E wrote out the text they wanted to have appear in the newspaper.  This time Mr. K drew a picture and a friend contributed the comic.  I helped with spelling, layout and adding the pictures.   We made a bit less than 20 copies, and Miss M delivered them to neighbors, and friends at tennis class.

The Neighborhood Newspaper is a project that I am definitely going to encourage.  I am hoping that Miss M wants to continue it even beyond the summer!  It’s a great project to wrap into homeschooling.   Miss M and Mr. E can practice writing, typing, photography and drawing.  I’m thinking I should be able to teach Miss M sometime soon how to arrange the newspaper in Microsoft Publisher.   And there are all kinds of possibilities for teamwork and collaboration as other friends want to make contributions (a friend has already contributed a comic for issue #3!).

This post is a part of the Blogging through the Alphabet challenge at Ben and Me:
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