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Back to Blogging?!?! February 4, 2015

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I think I will try again to blog.  No promises on how long this will last or how much I will post though.  🙂  I’ve decided that I miss blogging about books, and using that as a means of keeping track of what we read and how much we like (or don’t like) various books.   I don’t miss trying to wrap up every week with lots of pictures, so I probably won’t do that.  I might share some thoughts about what we like or don’t like about various curricula we are using.

Here’s a quick update on everyone and what we are doing/using:

As a family, we are doing history from Creation to the Fall of the Roman empire with Mystery of History as our spine, and we’re using Science in the Ancient World by Jay Wiley for science.

Miss M is 10.5 and in 5th grade.  She’s using CLE for math (plus Life of Fred Fractions once a week and Xtra math for fact practice) and Treasured Conversations for writing and grammar, as well as Language Mechanic for some grammar and mechanics practice.  She already finished Sassafras Science Botany and is reading Quark Chronicles Botany.  We are going through the Susan C. Anthony list of Top 1000 words (Spelling Plus/Dictation Resource Book), and marking them up Logic of English-style for spelling.  Plus history book basket reading, and read aloud/read alone lit from a list I made.  She’s taking guitar lessons and does Bible reading and SOAP journaling every day. She finished a typing program earlier in the year and has had good intentions about doing German with DuoLingo, but hasn’t progressed very far yet.

Mr. E is almost 8 and in 2nd grade.  He is using Beast Academy for his primary math (he is advanced in math, so we are part way through book 3D right now).  He is also doing Spelling Plus/Dictation Resource book in an LoE style for spelling, and we are slowing going through Getting Started with Latin…both for learning Latin and for some light grammar.  I’ve been using English Lessons through Literature 1, though he hates the copywork so we dropped that early on.  We also started the year with him doing Elson Readers for reading, but now I am letting him choose books for free reading and having him read  a minimum of 20 minutes per day.  We also do daily Bible reading and sometimes SOAP journal writing during our school time.

Mr K turns 6 on Friday and is in Kindergarten.  He is doing Logic of English Foundations for reading/spelling/handwriting (we are a few lessons into book C).  For math, we finished up Singapore Essential K book B back in November, and decided to try out Miquon for him since he loves cuisinaire rods.  We’re using parts of the Orange and Red books.  He also listens in for English Lessons through Literature and Bible reading.

Mr. J is 3, and loves to play and find ways to make mischief.   We’re not doing much preschool yet…maybe next year.  🙂


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