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Collage Friday: When Life Gives You Broken Eggs… March 9, 2012

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Have you read the story or seen the episode of Thomas and Friends where Thomas drives too fast and breaks the farmer’s eggs? At the end of the story Sir Topham Hatt tells Thomas that all is well because he will eat scrambled eggs for breakfast (or was it omelets?).  I wonder if Sir Hatt got lots of dirt and straw in his breakfast.  I know that the floor in front of my fridge is not nearly clean enough to make breakfast from. 

Yes, Mr. K was feeling quite mischievous this past week.  The eggs on the floor were a bit of a “fail” on my part.  It happened in the evening and I thought both boys were upstairs with Tony.  I was relaxing on the couch, just me Facebook and baby J.  Eventually I became aware of a strange noise coming from the back of the kitchen (where our fridge and freezer “live”).  With dread, I made my way there and found Mr  K and the dozen or so broken eggs (a carton not in the picture was already completely empty).  He smiles and says to me. “I say YES to eggs!”

You may notice in the picture that several of the eggs are perfectly broken, as if they were ready for the frying pan — so he was clearly very purposeful about what he was doing.  And, believe it or not, this was only one of several mischievous acts on the part of Mr K this week.  I’m still trying to decide if he is bored, testing the boundaries or going through some other new developmental phase.  But keeping up with Mr K definitely took more time than usual this week.

We did manage to have some fun and learning this week amidst the extra chaos:

1. Miss M had a really great collage idea that she executed almost entirely on her own.  She found a picture of a doll in an old Christmas toy catalog we had in our stack of magazines.  She then sought out similarly sized pictures furniture, food and even a dog.  Then she asked me if I could “use google to find her a blank room”.  Smart idea on her part! I found an appropriate looking picture of an empty room and she made her work of art!


2.  The boys did water colors while Miss M did her collage.  Mr. E says that his work is entitled “Millennium Falcon and Storm Troopers.”  🙂 This boy always has Star Wars on the brain these days.


3. Mr E and Mr K with a new-to-us dinosaur game passed along to us by our neighbors.  It’s kind of like “Operation” for dinosaur bones…and it even relates to what we’ve been talking about in science, since we have been discussing human and animal skeletons!


4.  Miss M decided that Mr K needed some “tot school” this week.  So, to be honest, I haven’t been doing a lot in terms of working on numbers, letters and so on with Mr K.  He isn’t chomping at the bit to learn this stuff most of the time, he only just turned three, and I have other priorities for him like getting to the potty on his own more frequently and not causing chaos everywhere he goes!  But he seemed to enjoy doing a letter coloring page and “letter hunt” with Miss M while she read him an appropriately themed story that she picked out.  Hmmm…maybe we are on to something here!


5,  Oh, column addition…both teacher and student wished we never knew you.  We only made it through about two and a half RightStart math lessons this week.  We’ve made the big shift in gears away from geometry.   Miss M struggled with not making small mistakes in the column addition problems, which led to answers I could see were so close, but not totally correct.  It was discouraging for her to have to retrace her steps to find her mistakes and she couldn’t always find them.  Attitudes may have been deteriorating on both of our parts by the end of the week.  I am glad to see that after the lesson that is currently half-finished we switch gears again to subtraction for a bit.  Maybe that will go better for us!


6.  Miss M working on her math while baby J keeps her company (I had been sitting in between them, and when I got up I thought they looked so cute together!).


7. Family science night around the iPad, while daddy shows the kids pictures of animal skeletons to discuss similarities and differences between various vertebrates.


8. Snack and a history lesson.  We don’t read over a meal or snack very often…because, to be honest, I am usually too hungry to read.  But I wanted to read a long lesson from MOH III on Leonardo DaVinci today, and some cinnamon/sugar biscuits seemed like a nice diversion.


9. A complicated afternoon play-date situation didn’t quite work out as we had planned it, but the end result was great — we ended up with five kids around the table building with toothpicks and marshmallows (and only a reasonable number of marshmallows were eaten, I think!) provided by a friend who hadn’t originally planned on staying to play at our house.


I’m hoping for a relaxing, not too chaotic weekend and looking ahead to a busy week next week that includes a water-main shutoff on Monday, Pi day on Wednesday, a woodwinds class for Miss M on Thursday and maybe some St. Patrick’s Day activities thrown in for good measure. Oh, and we were invited to go roller skating too.  We’ll see if we’re ready for all of that!

I’m linking up with Collage Friday @ Homegrown Learners and the Weekly Wrap-Up @ Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers!

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6 Responses to “Collage Friday: When Life Gives You Broken Eggs…”

  1. Sounds like your week next week is going to be busy (and water-less one day!). Rest up this weekend!

    I always enjoy seeing your collages!

  2. Dorcus Says:

    I am smiling reading your post as I reminisce about similar experiences. I hope you get to rest up before your busy week next week. Can’t wait to read about it:)

  3. Oh my. The egg fiasco makes me wonder what my mischievous toddler will be into in another year! ;-). I think the RS C lessons after geometry are just a leap somehow–they’ve been tough for us, too.

    What are you doing for pi day?

    • I’m working on a post right now about Pi day, which I think I will get up sometime tomorrow. I’m thinking we’re going to talk about circumference, radius and diameter and maybe measure some objects to “discover” why we need Pi. I requested a couple books from the library, though I don’t know if they will come on time. I am really hoping for “Sir Cumerence and the Dragon of Pi.” We read about Archimedes last year for history, so maybe we will revisit him again.

      Of course we will eat some circular foods, and make a pie to have for dessert. I saw a picture of a “Pi-rate” pie, and that gave me the idea to incorporate pirates into it somehow too.

      I made a pin board with a bunch of links I found:

  4. Phyllis Says:

    Oh, my! My daughter was like your Mr K…she always found trouble to get into. My boys are not like that so much. I love your daughter’s collage. What patience she must have to get everything to perfect scale! The dinosaur version of Operation sounds like a lot more fun. Perhaps she needs more work with math manipulatives with her column addition. Taking away manipulatives too soon will cause a student to make mistakes. Have you checked out my hands-on math posts? I loved seeing your busy, busy week.

  5. […] it turned into them all giggling on the floor together.   For as many chaotic moments as we have had lately and the number of times that Miss M is running away screaming as the boys forget (again) that they […]

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