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“It’s Okay Mom!” March 12, 2012

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Miss M was taking a break from school work on Friday to make her birthday list. She’s planning ahead — her birthday isn’t until late May.  Her brothers decided it was time to make a K sandwich on E and M.  🙂  Just as I was about to shoo the boys away and tell them to leave their sister alone, Miss M tells me, “It’s okay, Mom.  Let them stay there for a minute.”

Eventually it turned into them all giggling on the floor together.   For as many chaotic moments as we have had lately and the number of times that Miss M is running away screaming as the boys forget (again) that they may not point even pretend-finger-guns at their sister if she doesn’t want to play “shoot em up games”, I love to see the kids loving one another and having fun together.

And I even turned the birthday-list-making into an opportunity for spelling improvement once she had filled up a whole page of ideas, many of which needed some “assistance” in the spelling department. 🙂

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