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Collage Friday: Museum Day, Pi Day, Sick Day March 16, 2012

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Wow, it has been a really out-of-the ordinary week for us!  For one thing, we’ve gone somewhere every day.  That never happens.   It may have helped that the weather was absolutely gorgeous.  Weather in the 60s and low 70s is very out of the ordinary in March in Minnesota! We didn’t get nearly as much “regular” school work done this week as usual, but we certainly had a ton of fun (and I’m sure plenty of learning happened along the way!).

I took a lot of pictures this week, so it will take three collages to sum it up! 🙂  On Monday, our water was off all day for water main repairs.  I considered my options and decided that hightailing it out of my house for a field trip day was the best one.  Lucky for us, my mom was going to be in town anyway for an afternoon meeting.  So we arranged to meet up with Grandma at the Minnesota Children’s Museum — one of our favorite “field trip” destinations.  If you are in the Twin Cities, I highly recommend their new exhibit “How People Make Things.”  I think I enjoyed it as much as the kids!

Tuesday was a pretty regular day, with school time in the morning and  just a trip to the library after dinner.  Though with the nice weather, the kids spent all afternoon outside, with Miss M’s best friend from across the street joining us for most of it.  Then on Wednesday, we celebrated Pi Day:

My collage came out non-chronologically, so my list will be as well.  🙂

1 & 2:  In the afternoon, we joined friends for homeschool skate at the roller rink.   It was the first time at the rink for all the kids.  Miss M got the hang of it and even made it around eventually without the push bar.  The boys, however, were much more interested in the arcade games!

3. All my Pi Day Pi-rates.  🙂

4. We followed most of the educational ideas I had in my Pi Day post. Here the kids have gathered plenty of round objects from around the house for us to measure.

5.  Pi Pie! (We tried to eat lots of round foods all day — cheerios and bagels for breakfast, Pizza for lunch, Taco Pie for dinner and of course this fruit pie for dessert).

6. A quick stop at Sonic for “happy hour” on the way home from the roller rink…celebrating Pi Day, warm weather, and Mr. K finally putting his poo where it belongs on his own!

7. Enjoying the nice weather outside after the roller skating outing.  Miss M is so glad to be able to head outside to read!

And for the rest of our week…

1.  Lots of time outside this week with the beautiful weather!

2. Work continues on Miss M’s horse lapbook.

3. Miss M had an “Intro to Woodwinds” class in the afternoon on Thursday.  The boys and I played at the playground nearby during her class.  First playground outing of 2012!

4 & 5.  Mr E has taken a sudden interest in the history of weapons.  At first he wanted to make a gun lapbook, and then this morphed into the idea of a lapbook on all kinds of historical weapons.  I couldn’t really find many pre-made lapbook pieces for him to use on this subject. Lucky for me, he told me all he really wanted to do was glue a bunch of pictures in a folder/on cardstock.  That’s easy enough!  We got a few books on the history of weapons from the library, and we’ll add some captions to his “lapbook” at some point.

6.  I had been hopeful for a full school day today (or as full as is possible during the first real week of warm weather).  Instead, however, it’s a sick day for Miss M.  She went to bed with a mild headache/sore throat with no fever, and woke up in the middle of the night with fever and much worse headache/sore throat.  A quick trip to the Target clinic this morning confirmed strep throat.  Miss M is resting and reading for fun today when her headache isn’t bothering her too much (and enjoying plenty of ice cream, applesauce and pudding  of course!)

I’m hoping everyone is well enough for some St. Patrick’s Day celebrating tomorrow! I’ve always wanted to go to the local  St. Patrick’s day parade and festival, and the weather should be great for it this year (though crowded I’m sure with the nice weather and the fact that the holiday is on a weekend this year!).

Have a great weekend! I’m linking up with Collage Friday @ Homegrown Learners and the Weekly-Wrap-Up @ Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers!

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10 Responses to “Collage Friday: Museum Day, Pi Day, Sick Day”

  1. Theresa Says:

    that warm weather is making us want to go out more too!! i was feeling a little overwhelmed about the state of my house since we were gone so much–but we took today to stay home and straighten up! feeling much better!

  2. Natalie Says:

    Visiting from Collage Friday! Looks like you had a fun week. We also had an unseasonably mild weather week here too and enjoyed lots of time outdoors. Hope Miss M is better soon!

  3. Sharla Says:

    The Children’s Museum looks AMAZING!!! Sounds like a great week (I like your pi activities!)

  4. Phyllis Says:

    What a busy, busy week! It looked like so much fun, too.

  5. Barb Martin Says:

    Love the pi day pirates!! What a fun idea. It looks like a fun week. Getting outside is the best! I feel like we’ve been outside constantly since Tuesday. A great treat for March.

  6. Chareen Says:

    Love the way you have used collages to wrap up your week 🙂

    Very busy week but looks like you all enjoyed it.

    Popping over from Collage Friday to say hi 🙂

  7. Dorcus Says:

    What a great week! I love the pi day ideas you guys used. We used to visit the children’s museum back home every month. My children loved it!

  8. Karen Says:

    That museum looks awesome. I so wish I could take museums I see in everyone’s blog post and magically ‘whisk’ them all to me! Keilee loves museums.

    I also LOVE PI rate day. How cool to do that. Love the lapbooks too. Kei never got into those which broke my heart, I think they are so awesome!

  9. Jenn Says:

    Looks like a fantastic week! Love your collages:)

  10. […] was definitely a different sort of “busy” in our lives this week than last week.  Last week was full of on-the-go activities.  Other than the usual library and grocery store […]

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