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Collage Friday: Math, Baking and More Snow March 8, 2013

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It was a busy week for us…even though we mostly stayed home!  We had a ton of fun and learning (and I took so many pictures that it took me four collages to share all the pictures I wanted to share!).

First, Congrats to Mr. E on finishing RightStart Math Level B!  We finished up the last few lessons this week, culminating in the “year end test” today…followed by a celebration at a new-to-us doughnut shop on the way home from Miss M’s guitar lesson:

End of Level B

Now, I do have to say that Mr. E’s understanding and level of proficiency as a not-quite-six year old Kindergartener is not as great as Miss M’s was when she finished level B as a seven-year-old 1st grader.   He doesn’t have the same maturity in writing skills, or the patience to practice the math skills.  But conceptually he gets bored easily.   :-).  Level C contains a fair amount of review at the beginning we can use to solidify some of these concepts, and I am going to try my best to not speed through this level with him (taking the time to play more games and maybe some tangents into more problem-solving oriented supplements).

Here are few more of our learning highlights from this week:

Learning Highlights 2013-03-08

1-2.  I took the plunge and started BFSU Vol 2. with my kids.  I picked lesson C-9 to start with on Center of Gravity.   The kids enjoyed these fun “tricks” we saw first in a YouTube video.

3.  We spent quite a while on afternoon curled up on the couch reading picture books.  I can’t remember the last time I did that with all the kids together (though J didn’t stick around for most of it.)  🙂

4-5.  Mr. E completed lessons 71-74 of Logic of English Foundations, and Miss M did lesson 28 in LoE Essentials.   Mr. E’s favorite part of the week was playing phonogram bingo.  Miss M is more excited than she was last week about the Phonogram app, and Mr. K seems to be “getting” the app a bit more.  Unlike last week, Mr. E wasn’t excited about the phonogram app at all!

6.  I got out a preschool art/activity book called Baby Lambs for Mr. K this week.  I bought it a year or two back for Mr. E but missed the right window of age/skill for him to use it.  It seems like a great book right at the moment for Mr. K to keep busy while I am working with his older siblings.  I am still struggling with finding time to do any LoE Foundations with him.

7. With Miss M for math this week, we continued to work on Division with Math Mammoth 3-B, and played a few RightStart multiplication and division games.

8-9. I worked with Miss M on baking this week.  She made these biscuits and bread nearly all by herself with just a bit of coaching from me.

Snow Fun…

The kids are thrilled that our winter is turning out to be so snowy.  We got another 8 or 9 inches of snow this week!  Even I got outside to play.  🙂

2013-03-082 Snow

And just for fun, here are a few more snapshots of our week…


Row 1: J showing off his coloring, “Magnet People”, Snow Ice Cream

Row 2: Lego creations, puzzles, silly fun

Row 3:  Baby J isn’t much of a “baby” these days…his new nickname here is “CT” (which stands for either “Cute Toddler” or “Cute Trouble” depending on what he’s doing!

Have a happy weekend!  Don’t forget that next Thursday is Pi Day (it’s one of my favorite random holidays…read my post from last year if you are looking for celebration ideas!).

I’m linking up with Collage Friday, The Weekly Wrap-Up, and It’s a Wrap!

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6 Responses to “Collage Friday: Math, Baking and More Snow”

  1. Jenn Says:

    You were busy! Love all of the photos, especially of you all playing in the snow. It’s starting to feel like spring here.

    I have say that CT is pretty cute…even if he is in trouble;)

  2. Yay for completing a curriculum set! We finished a level of All About Spelling this week, and that felt good. Have a great weekend!

  3. When you told me you got snow, you weren’t kidding! That would have brought D.C. to a screechin’ halt for a week. I so admire your daughter for learning to bake bread. I am in a bread-baking phase right now, so I know how much goes into it. I thought your Snow Ice Cream was a bowl of dough though! 😀 You need to share the directions!
    My latest post ” Whole-Wheat Buttermilk Pancakes with Chocolate Chips ”

  4. Anna-Marie Says:

    Great looking bread your daughter made and I love the snow fort. We don’t get enough snow to make anything like that in England, just enough snow for a small snowman before it all melts away. Love seeing your week in pictures.

  5. What a great week! Love your collages…it looks like a lot of fun was had by all. Thanks for linking up to HammockTracks.

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