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Collage Friday: a Birthday, Expert Day, Spring Days March 29, 2013

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It’s been a more of a non-routine week at our house.  We had a birthday (read an interview with the birthday boy here), Miss M needed to prepare for her Expert Day presentation at co-op, I was tired all week from staying up late for the quarterly editing deadline on the publication I work with, and the weather finally started to warm up a bit…and apparently warm weather makes some students completely unable to think if they are inside a building.  😉

Miss M did a bit of independent work and preparation for Expert Day on Monday, but otherwise, Monday was devoted to celebrating Mr. E’s birthday:




Miss M did her Expert Day project on Dolls this year.  She decided to focus on four “famous dolls” of the 20th century:


M Expert Day 2013


We did do a few other things this week:



1.  Dyeing Easter Eggs

2. – 3.  Even though Miss M didn’t do very much of her “regular” school work this week (due to expert day and other distrctions), Mr E still managed to do 4 lessons of RightStart C and 3 lessons from Logic of English Foundations.  The “Silent E” board game was a lot of fun!

4.  With everything going on this week, we decided to take a “fun school” day today — we played Corners, read Life of Fred Butterflies and Grammar Land, and now the big kids are outside playing.

5.  Mr. E also started work on HIS expert day project today.  His class will present at co-op in two weeks.  He is doing a project on Lego Star Wars.  I taught him how to cut and paste from google images so he could find some pictures for his display board.  We also started trying to figure out how many sets have been produced (236 up through 2011, but we’ll have to do some counting of other lists to update that number through 2013).

6.  J really likes his older brother’s new lightsabers.  🙂

7. Lots of Lego building this week as the boys worked on Mr. E’s new sets

8. Cute pic of the three boys — they like to sit on the warm heat vent in the dining room floor early in the morning!

Have a blessed Easter weekend!

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