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Q is for Quotes July 16, 2013

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“Quotes” was an easy choice for me for the letter “Q” in the Blogging through the Alphabet challenge.   I’m a bit biased, but I think my kids are really funny.  Especially, Mr. K (currently age 4).  He seems to have inherited his daddy’s sense of humor.  🙂  I often post funny things my kids say on Facebook to entertain my family and friends, and today I picked out ten favorites from 2013 so far to share with you:


  1. Mr. K:  “If Puffed Wheat cereal is just made out of wheat, then I guess Puffed Ice Cream cereal would be made out of sugar, ice cream, wheat and fruit loops, right?”
  2. Mr. K leans in toward me and q is for quotessays, “Mom, I know what the “s word” is!” Then he leans in closer and whispers, “Stinky!”
  3. Mr. K: “Mom, I’m going to write a book about the ceiling. Will you edit it for me?”
  4. Mr. E: “Mom, I have a different kind of present to give you. I’m not going to sit OR lay down on top of the table today!”
  5. Mr. K: “Can I sometime brush my teeth with ketchup? [pause]…I like getting cavities filled. Can you get me ‘getting some cavities filled’ for my birthday next year?”
  6. Mr. E: (after seeing that our neighborhood Aldi store is completely rearranged): “I know how they did this…some Ninjas came in during the middle of the night and moved everything around.” And then a few minutes later, Mr. K says to a random Aldi employee stocking shelves, “Hi Ninja!” (of course, the guy looked really confused so I felt obligated to explain Mr K’s greeting).
  7. Mr. K: “Did you know that plungers use electricity? A robot told me that.”
  8. When asked by Tony why he kept falling off the couch, Mr. K just answered, “Gravity.”
  9. Mr. E: “I’m the superhero Princess-Man!”
  10. Miss M: “Calculus? Oh, I know all about Calculus…no, wait…I was thinking of Celsius.”



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