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Collage Friday: 3 Weeks in Pictures + A Curriculum Preview for Next Year July 19, 2013

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Time flies when you’re having fun…and we’ve certainly been having a ton of fun in the past three weeks since I have found time for a wrap-up post.

We had a 4th of July weekend that including representing our church in a parade on the 4th, and a 3 day camping trip that also included some sight seeing to the Hermann Monument and the Wanda Gag house:


4th of July, 2013

Here are a few other highlights and fun shots from the past three weeks:


July 2013

  • We watched our caterpillars make their chrysalises (we actually saw the process for two out of the three!), and then released our three monarchs into the neighborhood
  • We’ve spent a lot of time at the pool — usually at least two afternoons per week
  • We viewed sand castles from a sand castle competition
  • We are enjoying summer treats like trips to DQ, and plenty of Popsicles and root beer floats at home
  • The boys made their own version of Monopoly called “Money Man.”
  • Not pictured:  Lots of playing with neighbor friends, Mr. E spending several days with Grandma, a couple lemonade stands, afternoons spent reading during Mr. J’s nap time, a neighborhood newspaper created by Miss M, watching Liberty’s Kids with our new full-series DVD set we received this week, and the end of the kids’ four week tennis class.


What we’ve been doing hardly any of is any formal school work.  By this time last summer, we had started back with a couple subjects.  That just doesn’t seem like it is in the cards this summer.   I’ve only just in the past week or two started really cleaning out the school room from our last school year, and working again on planning for the fall.  In the next six weeks we still have our “local mission trip” called “Mission to the City” for a half-week.  we also have  our church’s vacation Bible camp (which I am in charge of) and a two-week vacation.  Then it’s nearly Labor Day, and it’s really time to start school.


So this is a summer to really have a vacation from formal school work…and a long vacation at that.  I don’t know that I want to do that every year, but I am okay with this year maybe needing just a bit more math review in the fall.  🙂


2013-2014 Curriculum “Preview”:

It’s time for the annual Curriculum Edition link-up at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers.  Unlike most years at this time, I don’t have things finalized for all subjects yet.  Hey, I still have six weeks until our school year starts…OH MY I only have six weeks until our school year starts and we’ll be on vacation two of those weeks.  😉

Here’s what I am thinking right now.  I’ll be updating the “Our Curriculum” page as I get things more finalized.

Miss M (4th grade):

  • Right Start Math E + Life of Fred elementary books for enrichment (we’re currently in the middle of  “Cats” in that series)
  • Logic of English Essentials with Advanced Lists (our second year through Essentials) for spelling and grammar, along with Scholastic E-books for additional grammar and editing practice.
  • U.S. History “Year 2” (1865 to the Present), using my own literature-based plans, plus most likely Homeschool in the Woods Time Travelers/Lap-Paks for lapbooking and activities
  • Additional read-alouds and assigned independent reading (much of her lit this year will be history related, but not all)
  • An Earth and Space science-focused year using various resources (I just decided on this topic, so I’m still decided on resources. I’m leaning toward Christian Kids Explore Earth/Space as a main curricula) + Nature Study (at Miss M’s request that we include more of this.)
  • Write On! for writing, plus additional practice from scholastic E-books and other resources.
  • Possibly some cursive copywork
  • Undecided on Bible/Character study beyond just daily Bible reading
  • Possibly some introductory study of German
  • Co-op classes (art, gym, science), guitar lessons, and possibly homeschool gymnastics class or another physical fitness activity

Mr. E (1st grade):

  • Right Start Math C + Life of Fred elementary books for enrichment (we’re currently in the middle of  “Cats” in that series)
  • Logic of English Foundations for spelling and phonics (reviewing parts of B and C, starting D when it is available).  Possibly starting Essentials if we finish Foundations D or his reading and spelling ability move solidly beyond the point of level D.
  • Tagging along for US History and Earth/Space science as interested with Miss M (I’ll have library book selections especially for the boys).  We’ll also pursue other interest-led science and history topics if desired.
  • Read-aloud lit selections from a list I will create, plus independent reading at his level
  • Mr. E needs some major handwriting practice.  I’m not sure I want to use the instruction methods used in LoE foundations.  We might use A Reason for Handwriting Level A or other copywork material.
  • Undecided on Bible/Character study beyond daily Bible reading
  • Possibly some introductory study of German
  • Co-op classes (art, gym, science), and possibly homeschool gymnastics class or another physical fitness activity

Mr. K, age 4/Preschool:

  • Right Start Math A at a gentle pace + math games
  • Logic of English Foundations A, at very gentle pace (plus possibly other letter-of-the-week sorts of activities from resources I already have or are freely available).
  • Classic pictures books (plus, I hope to add in some fun and related activities)
  • Interest led explorations/listening in to science and history topics with his older siblings
  • Possibly some introductory study of German
  • Free printable preschool packs/worksheets for my seatwork-loving kid as desired

I’ll be fleshing that out and making more plans this summer for another great school year…but I am also super excited to enjoy our last few weeks of summer.



I’m linking up with Collage Friday and The Weekly Wrap-Up.

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5 Responses to “Collage Friday: 3 Weeks in Pictures + A Curriculum Preview for Next Year”

  1. Julie Says:

    We are studying Earth Science this year too. I plan to watch How the Earth Works you tube videos and do lots of experiments from Janice VanCleaves A+ Science Projects in Earth Science. I have a lesson planning link-up that’s currently active. Feel free to link-up any week that works for you.

  2. marykprather Says:

    Thanks for the curriculum preview — looks great! It’s getting to be about that time for a new year, isn’t it? Where has the summer gone?

    Thanks for always linking with Collage Friday. I appreciate you.

  3. Renee Brown Says:

    You have a terrific curriculum line up for the year. Amazing how the summer is nearly gone! Stopping in from Collage Friday.
    Would love for you to come over and check out my Saturday Homeschool Review Link up called, “This Week…”

  4. Tonia Says:

    Beautiful kids! Looks like a great line-up for curriculum – we love RightStart as well – we’ll be doing level E this year too. Are you planning to use the RightStart geometry book next?

    • Hi! I’m not sure if we are going to use the Geometry level or not. At this point I am leaning against it, because my daughter only tolerates the drawing lessons. I think doing them every day might drive her crazy and I assume there is a lot of that in the geometry level. But we’ll wait until next spring to decide. 🙂

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